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Get Trained in 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Micro Pigmentation
Welcome Specials
Monday Special
OMG I'm Going Bald!!!
Grand Opening


Hue by Monique Cherise Salon Grand Opening
Why you need regular salon visits!
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Get Trained in 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Micro Pigmentation

3D 4D 6D Micro Blading Technique Course Outline
4 Day Certification Course being offered.
FREE*******Ongoing technique support.
Step by Step Instruction.
Hands on live model training (you provide model)
Make your investment back with 8 services
3D Micro Blading Technique Course Outline:
The complete class includes:
• Contraindications to 3D Micro Blading Service
• Brow Design and Artistry
• Color Theory
• Eyebrow Symmetry
• Topical Anesthetic products & mixtures

Welcome Specials

Welcome Carolina and Shirley to our staff! Call to schedule a 1 hour facial $45 your Be Glowing deep exfoliating pedicure leave with awesome tanned legs and perfectly polished toes $45 a Get Nurtured Manicure $25.00

Monday Special

Marvelous Monday>>>>>>>>Enjoy a Spa Essential Oil Infused Facial and Relaxing Shampoo with Blowdry $70.00

OMG I'm Going Bald!!!

So you think your going BALD?

What with all the hair your see in the shower, bathroom floor,sink, pillow etc.
Must be?
It is more likely that you are in the Myth process of trying to grow your hair, so you've been diligent about not getting your shedding locks cut.
Well, I here to tell you that there lies the problem.........
Ready? Read carefully,
Natural hair loss is about 60 to 100 follicles per day, this is our shedding cycle, the hair sheds from scalp.
( this occurrence can be a good way to gauge your need for a trip to the salon)

Grand Opening

Welcome to Hue by Monique Cherise
Our Grand Opening is Scheduled for August 13,2013
Please RSVP with your scheduled Appointments by visiting
We are excited and hope to see a great turnout.
Thank you.
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