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Mindful Minerals    Organic original formulations   Mario Badescu

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Organic Personalized Facial Regimen Formulations
Facial Menu> 65.00+
Collagen Rejuvenation> Individual Specific Products Comingled and applied during an hour long relaxing facial. Results are cumulative. Your Esthetician will discuss package values. Great for a Special Event or just because!
Rosacea Soothing> Gentle & Mild Products are introduced after a light Exfoliation. Soothes and  Calms Irritations. Diminishing Inflammation, adds necessary Hydration.
Acne Clear> Teen or Adult Acne, a nuisance  in either age group. A Proven Regimen  specific to Acne Type. Treatment application is the most vigorous yet gentle non Medical Protocol that actually WORKS! includes extractions.
Brightening Complex> Alters Dull Sallow Skin in 1 hour. During a relaxing Facial, Skin is  Refreshed and Brightened with a supple and plump appearance.
Detox> Purge & Replenish! The Detox facial will satisfy those who are in need of a Squeaky Clean Rejuvenated Skin.

Mindful Minerals   Organic original formulations   Mario Badescu       
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